The East London SEND Net is an Asset Based- Person Centred- Peer Support  network. 

Our network is principally made up of Parent Carers although membership is open to all Family Caregivers who look after a disabled child or child with Special Educational Needs. Each Network Member participates in ongoing emotional support coaching, primarily through the ENABL listening Model.

It is this approach that distinguishes the East London SEND Net as a Peer Support Network, rather than a Peer Network.  Our Peer to Peer Support qualifies as Person Centred because each Network Member is supported to develop and maintain their One Page Profile, as well as be supported in identifying and developing outcomes. 

Through the conversation, where the existing Network Member using Empathic, Non-Judgemental, Active, Boundaried Listening whilst helping the new Network member to develop their One Page Profile, a powerful process of emotional support unfolds. In this safe space, the Family Caregiver can be truly heard, acknowledged and supported whilst clarifying their aspirations.

Each Network member revisits their One Page Profile and Outcomes in a structured conversation with a Peer each school term (every 3 months).  This provides framework for ongoing peer support for all Network Members.

Upon this foundation of Person-Centred Peer Support, Network Members are enabled to create self-organising groups. Our APP and ENABL listening model run intrinsically throughout all the network activity. Each meeting and event will also have dedicated time to exploring an element of ENABL, which is where we see the ongoing coaching take place.